hostname layout version last change or last run
aix531.6.272005-11-15 05.49.06
hpux11i1.6.182005-06-10 09.34.20
hpovou1.5.12003-11-21 12.20.59
solaris8111.9.242009-06-05 20.02.38
myzone1.6.282005-11-22 01.55.37
tru64v511.5.332004-12-17 03.00.02
debian5041.12.12010-05-11 10.31.01
engarde1.8.132009-02-03 20.28.11
centos541.13.122010-06-28 15.49.37
pardus2009b1.12.112010-06-03 13.40.26
sles111.12.262010-06-14 09.17.41
slackware111.8.42008-01-02 17.09.48
arch20091.13.122010-06-28 14.30.47
freebsd811.13.102010-06-26 00.16.48
netbsd501.9.242009-06-02 19.47.04
openbsd451.9.242009-05-19 22.25.48
dfbsd2211.9.242009-06-05 12.57.24
puppy4201.9.232009-06-01 15.23.54
slitaz201.13.122010-06-28 12.49.00
ttylinux1111.13.122010-06-25 08.37.14
dsl441.12.112010-06-03 12.43.50
WinXP_PRO1.0.14 2007-12-29

Be aware of the size of the snapshot of hpovou.


Note that not all of the above systems were present on the scc-srv when the search results were captured.


The following list contains links to see the results of comparing two HP-UX 11.11 systems for several parts of the snapshots. We only compared two HP-UX11 systems as comparing systems with different OS'es results in huge amounts of differences. Comparing snapshots with different versions of SCC can result in unwanted differences.